the Casa aurora community


C1-Type residential service for mothers with children

CTRP-type (Protected Therapeutic Community) Residential Service Mental Health Area

Through a single team and organizational model, the Cooperative manages a residential community for therapy care at the facility called “Casa Aurora”, with headquarters in Venice and Mestre (we omit addresses for reasons of privacy). Patients are sent by state-run pathological-dependency facilities (‘SerD’) from both the Veneto Region and the rest of Italy, while minors are sent by the Minors Protection Services of the Local Authorities.

The community-based facility for mother and child therapy is part of the social and health care area, regulated by regional law 22/2002. It is identified as a C1-type specialist facility, in the area of dependencies. In 2010, the Veneto Region also approved the “Insieme” (together) project (CTRP) to take in mothers with psychiatric pathologies. The project is one of the innovative experimental projects of the Mental Health area.

Director: Dott.ssa Nicoletta Capra n.capra(at)comuve. it


The model of taking care of mothers and children is complex, highly specialized and guarantees the care of all stakeholders: mothers, children and mother-child relationships, in order to ensure its effectiveness. The theoretical-methodological approach and the training of operators is psychodynamic relational in nature. The taking in charge takes place through a multifocal approach (multilevel intervention) and the team works through the integrated team method (development of reasonings and actions on the patients through integration among points of observation and emotional participation). The taking in charge also avails itself of the collaboration with the Department of Psychology, Development and Socialisation of the University of Padua, and enacts initiatives with respect to three specific areas of interest: mother, child, mother-child relationship. For more information, download the updated Activities Programme: on the document document page.


Here, you will find a reasoned historiography of the professional experience of the personnel in the field of specialized treatments for Mothers-Children in the area of pathological addiction and mental health.

This story began in Venice in the late ’80s and early ’90s, when an internal debate developed in a therapy community in Venice – Villa Renata in operation since 1984 – regarding the relationship between drug addiction and parenthood, as an ever increasing part of Therapeutic Community’s (TC) users were in parenthood. The problem was particularly acute in the case of mother drug addicts who, in order to be treated in the community, were forced to be separate from their children, who were entrusted to grandparents and relatives.


The workshops are complementary and/or innovative activities which are designed, planned and implemented in the Therapeutic Communities. The workshops differ from the Projects (which are instead planned and implemented as Cooperatives). The workshops and projects proposed as complementary to the clinical, educational or recreational activities indeed stem from the creativeness of the staff of the two teams, and are carried out in their respective communities with the close collaboration and participation of the patients-guests. On the right of the menu you can see some of the most recent projects that have been planned and rolled out at the Casa Aurora community, for the benefit of resident guests and their children.


“Casa Aurora” is a mother-child therapy community, accredited by the Veneto Region Administration, in the areas of Pathological Dependencies and of Mental Health.

Services are provided for both short-term and long-term residential care and rehabilitation, as well as for clinical observation and the psycho-diagnostic evaluation of adult patients, the assessment of the state of development of minors, and assessment of the quality of the mother-child relationship and parenting skills.