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“Casa Aurora” is a mother-child therapy community, accredited by the Veneto Region Administration, in the areas of Pathological Dependencies and of Mental Health.

Services are provided for both short-term and long-term residential care and rehabilitation, as well as for clinical observation and the psychodiagnostic evaluation of adult patients, the assessment of the state of development of minors, and assessment of the quality of the mother-child relationship and parenting skills.

The care projects are highly personalized and seek to respond to the specific needs of mothers, but with a particular focus on the protection and well-being of minors, through concrete tools to support the relationship, in a clinical evidence-based perspective. In this perspective, colleagues of the sending Services are assured of an attentive and constant process of sharing evaluation or care objectives towards minors and mothers.

In collaboration with the Department of Psychology for Development of the University of Padua, we have been carrying out research in the clinical-scientific field for many years on the issues of attachment and generational transmission of family issues.

Casa Aurora Activities Programme: PROGRAMMA ATTIVITA

Casa Aurora Activities Report: Report Attività Casa Aurora 2015

Report CTRP: Report CTRP Casa Aurora 2007-2017